Sound Circle at dusk. Sound Circle at night.

A magically illuminated circle of sound

Sound Circle was a lighting installation sited in a clearing of trees at Fineshade Woods, which is part of Rockingham Forest. It featured 60 large-scale, illuminated and individually decorated tree totems with an atmospheric sound recording of birdsong and woodland noises.

Sound Circle during the daytime.

Sound Circle was sited in a clearing. In the day it shimmered and sparkled, and in darkness it glowed and twinkled – just visible from the path, enticing visitors into the trees.

Set away from the main paths and nowhere near any mains connection, the installation required a robust, weatherproof power source. Safety was another consideration because visitors could move through and around the totems, so the power source and wiring had to be low voltage and well concealed.

Our solution

A 12V system powered by rechargeable batteries was chosen, with 1.5W GU 5.3 lamps with 12 mini white LEDs fitted into basic plastic garden light fittings. Two 34Ah 12V batteries were used to power the 60 lights illuminating the totems, and a further battery powered the recording and speakers.

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