Elegant Dining

Re-creating a 1930s table lamp from the famous Brighton Belle Pullman dining car required meticulous attention to detail. It had to look as close to the genuine article as possible while conforming to the latest UK railway safety regulations. And costs needed to be carefully controlled because the lamp is just one piece of a huge project by the 5-Bel Trust to restore and refurbish five original Pullman carriages.

Our solution

Lampholder first identified three small, specialist manufacturers who could create the items required for the high quality, bespoke design.

We then produced detailed product specifications for each of the lampís components Ė from smoke-free armoured cabling through to the weighted lamp base and flameproof lampshade. Finally we researched and sourced the best modern materials and managed the manufacturing process.

This careful approach and attention to detail ensured that our reproduction lamp achieved a 30% saving compared to an exact replica.

The new table lamps will be in use when the Brighton Belle is operating and back in charter service in 2016.

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