Transforming a tunnel

The Boathouse shop at Richmond upon Thames is a specialist boutique in a building that is essentially a 12m long tunnel with natural daylight at one end only. Lighting was an interesting challenge as the scheme had to provide a practical work and retail environment that could be seen easily by passers-by outside.

Our solution

To adapt for changing displays in the shop the main lighting is mounted on a 3-circuit track running the length of the showroom, enabling two sets of LED spotlights to be separately switched and dimmed.

Six wide-angle 26W spotlights, plus eight narrow-beam spots can be directed at merchandise areas. And accent lighting is provided by LED strip set into the wood at the back of the shelves to illuminate the stock from above.

Six CFL wall up-lights provide the background lighting and wash light up both sides of the curved ceiling.

This adaptable lighting scheme provides variety and contrast, which can highlight changing displays of merchandise as required. And although the showroom is 40m2 it has a total lighting load of only 540 watts, which means just 13.5W per square metre.

Electronic controls and aesthetics

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