Irthlingborough Methodist Church

The renovation of Irthlingborough Methodist Church has created a beautiful place for worship as well as new facilities for the local community.

At the start of the project this impressive Victorian building was in a poor state of repair, and the interior lighting was practically non-existent and very difficult to maintain.

Our solution

The main lighting comes from uplighters: metal halide in the gallery and compact fluorescent on the ground floor, ensuring the walls are bright and the ceiling visible.

Accent lighting consists of linear fluorescent wash on the east and west walls, and halogen spotlights for the dais. It was a contemporary touch to re-use cast-iron heating pipe supports for the linear fluorescents under the two big windows.

Bright, functional compact fluorescent ceiling lights have been installed in the new kitchen and coffee lounge. Warm white 3000k was specified to complement the architect’s interior décor.

Maintenance issues are a thing of the past. Whereas previously ladders and scaffolding had been required to replace bulbs, most of the lights can now be accessed without even a stepladder.

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