Lampholder is based in Northamptonshire
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After sales service for Registered Social Landlords

Lampholder customers who are Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) benefit from our comprehensive after sales service, which includes:

Wholesale prices for energy-efficient, long -life compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) – no minimum order!

User Information Sheets for tenants which explain the difference between CFLs and incandescent lighting, and the cost savings that can be achieved. The sheets can be personalised for RSLs and copies supplied for each house for the O&M manual.

Mail order service for tenants to supply spare and replacement CFL bulbs direct from Lampholder – no minimum order!

Lampholder Shade Ring Adaptors. We will supply every house or flat with one of our own-design, low-cost adaptors which overcome the problem of the wider diameter shade rings needed for energy-efficient pendants, and which work well for traditional wire-framed lampshades.

Lampshades for energy-efficient pendants available to RSLs at special prices

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Lampholder is based in Northamptonshire
01536 713642 • email:

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