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The challenge

Every bar, café, pub, restaurant and hotel has its own distinct image and lighting is an essential ingredient of this.

A lighting scheme in the hospitality sector will always have several important objectives. While it needs to express the required style and atmosphere to its customers and be adaptable for different times of day, the practical needs of those working there must also play a part in any design. And, of course, lighting is a critical element of providing for safety, security and escape.

The solution

Take, as an example, a modern town centre bistro. At lunchtime it will be brightly lit to reflect brisk service for customers who are not staying. But later in the day the lighting will need to create a relaxed atmosphere for evening drinkers and diners.

Contrast will be an important element in the lighting design to avoid bland uniformity and create visual interest. Particular areas can be highlighted with feature lighting, and subtle atmosphere changes can be achieved with dimmable lights and control systems.

And on an entirely practical level, every hospitality venue must have stairs and escape routes lit properly with clear exit signage, together with mandatory emergency lighting.

Technical considerations


A control system with scene-setting brings considerable benefits


Good quality emergency lights are valuable both for their appearance and much longer battery life


A successful design will contain at least three layers of light for each room or area

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Freedom of choice

As independent lighting designers we are not tied to any manufacturer or supplier. This means we are able to identify, source and supply a very diverse range of lighting options to meet the requirements of our clients.

What our clients say

“It was so helpful being able to discuss everything when you visited. I knew we’d have choices but talking through the practical stuff with you was enormously useful. I’m so grateful for the time and effort you took to get everything right.”

attention to detail

It can sometimes be the small things that make a big difference. We are proud of the fact that our reputation is built on our professionalism and attention to detail.

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