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Nothing enhances a garden more than well-designed lighting


Stunning garden spaces

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The challenge

There is something magical about an illuminated landscape. From accent lighting for trees and foliage, to more straightforward illumination of paths and steps — nothing enhances a garden more than well-designed lighting.

For some of our clients, garden lighting has done much more than provide the finishing touches to a project. It has allowed them to blend their exterior and interior spaces in spectacular ways. For others, focussing on the practical has created outdoor spaces that can be used and enjoyed throughout the year.

We have created designs which incorporate feature lighting for trees, artwork, ornaments and boundary walls, at the same time as lighting paths, steps and access routes.

Swimming pool

An existing outdoor pool was converted to an indoor one, enabling its use throughout the year. The building is designed to harmonise with the garden landscape of this country family home.

The main light source is indirect, in the form of LED strip at the top of the wall uplighting the ceiling. Using 40 metres of 4000K strip along the length of two side walls and one end of the pool building, we were able to create a pleasing reflection off the cedar wood of the ceiling which nonetheless creates no glare for swimmers. Careful installation has ensured that the strip is hidden at all viewing angles. Accent lighting is provided by four wall lights at one end, directed downwards, and 8 small recessed ground narrow beam spots grazing up the adjacent wall.

Technical highlights


Total power consumption for lighting is only 620 watts, which is just 4.8W/m2


All light sources are 4000K with good colour rendering


The client has installed solar panels on the roof so that the building is nominally self-sufficient in electricity


All lights are waterproof to IP44 for this environment; switching is radio controlled using a fob via a Wisebox

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freedom of choice

As independent lighting designers we are not tied to any one manufacturer, so there is complete freedom of choice when drawing up the Specification.

What our clients said

“The pool house really does look fabulous, and when it’s dark outside the effect is amazing. The lights give off a lovely warm glow from the ceiling. Looking out from our kitchen it looks as if we have our own personal sunset emanating from the building.”

less is more

It is tempting to install too many lights. A small number of well sited lights can often make a far bigger impact. Our clients wanted the pool lighting to be discreet and sustainable. The main light source is indirect, 40m of LED strip, with limited accent lighting on just two walls.

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