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The challenge

Lighting a building externally is required either for safety and security, wayfinding, decorative purposes, or a combination of these. Car parks are enhanced by suitable lighting; sports clubs wish to floodlight their playing fields; a hotel lights its facade to enable patrons to locate it easily after dark; while a town council may decide to floodlight landmarks.

Exterior lighting can cause unwanted glare, either on the premises or on neighbouring ones. So the selection of light fittings must be done with care: such lights are typically powerful and bright, hence it is important to control glare and to ensure that upward and lateral light spill is minimised.

Exterior lighting schemes in built-up areas generally require planning permission. When designing this type of lighting, we can help with the planning application, supplying plans, photos, technical explanations, and confirmation that the design has been undertaken by a suitably qualified professional.

Great Brington

Great Brington church stands in an elevated poistion at the western entrance to the village. The PCC wanted to floodlight the tower so that it would continue to act as a landmark after dark.  Given the height of the tower, two floodlights were specified for each face, providing reasonably even illuminance from top to bottom.

Technical highlights


Floodlights were carefully sited to avoid glare in unwanted directions


Automatic controls were essential both to switch on (PEC) and switch off (timer) the lights


Colour temperature was selected to enhance the building material


Low-level light fittings in public areas required suitable protection

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Planning and permissions

Many exterior lighting schemes require planning permission. Our knowledge and experience means we can help our clients at every stage of the planning process. From writing the initial application and providing the information and data to support it, to meeting with planners.

What our clients said

“An excellent job and the results have been much admired by the village. I particularly appreciate the time you took to place the lights and fittings so carefully. It was very well done.”

Easy control

A wide range of control options are available and it is well worth investing in quality sensors and timers. We can advise on which one(s) are appropriate for your project.

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