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The challenge

Community buildings come in all shapes and sizes and invariably are multi-purpose venues, so the lighting needs to be adaptable. And while many buildings are self-contained, a significant number are attached to churches. 

From small, single-space village halls to large establishments with indoor sports facilities, theatres and meeting rooms, these buildings usually are geared to entertainment and social activities but also are used for meetings. Many will include kitchens and catering areas as well.

The solution

For any multi-purpose building the lighting needs to be flexible to address all the different uses required. This means using different types of lighting, rather than try to achieve everything with a single type of light fitting.

Even a small village hall may have staging for theatre performances; and a fundraising dinner will need lighting that creates a pleasant atmosphere, while a Parish Council AGM or bingo night will need the space brightly lit. And, of course, as they are public buildings, attention must be paid to safety, security and emergency lighting, for the interior and exterior.

Controls are strongly recommended with the overriding requirement that the system must be simple to use. With so many different people using and hiring rooms or halls, the system needs to be easy to explain and everyone needs to be able to set the lighting to suit their purposes.

Technical considerations


A labelled switch panel – metal covers can be engraved inexpensively


Rotary dimmers are best in addition to an on/off switch


Absence detectors are useful to avoid lights being left on when no longer needed


Exterior lighting that can be managed using pre-set timers

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Freedom of choice

A successful lighting scheme for a multi-purpose community building will utilise different types of lighting and a range of different fittings. Lampholder Lighting Design is totally independent, which means we are able to deal with every manufacturer and supplier to give you the maximum choice.

What our clients said

“Our village hall committee never believed we’d be able to manage all our lighting needs with one switch panel. Yet you achieved it! We couldn’t be more delighted with the results, and that it’s so easy to use. Thank you.”

inside and out

Emergency lighting is not just an add-on; it must be properly designed, which in some situations will include exterior luminaires. Lighting for safety and security is likewise a top priority.

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